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In addition to our monthly competition we also run a global annual tipster competition which rewards the top tipster over a 12 month period. The current competition begins on the 1st July 2016 and finishes on the 30th June 2017. 

General rules:

1. Tipsters are required to post a minimum of eight tips every month in order to qualify for competition prizes.

2. All tips posted on bettingexpert must be exclusive to bettingexpert.

3. Analyses accompanying tips must be unique and demonstrate enough value and insight to support that particular tip.

4. Analyses must be exclusive to one tip only. Repeating or copying any part of an analysis from other tips or from other sites is not permitted, even if these websites are owned by the tipster.

5. Copying other people's work and posting it on bettingexpert under your own name, intentionally exploiting bugs or trying, in any other way, to gain an unfair advantage over other tipsters is absolutely not acceptable. Tips are checked and those caught cheating or bending the rules will be strongly punished. Conversely, honesty and respect for the integrity of bettingexpert is praised and often rewarded.

6. Tip analysis should contain a minimum of 100 words.

7. Any tip analysis must be relevant to that specific match. Any analysis which does not support its tip will result in it being voided.

8. Analyses should contain well articulated language. The use of software to translate whole paragraphs or sections is not allowed. Please use the appropriate bettingexpert language site if you are unable to write coherently and to an acceptable level in English.

9. The maximum stake of 10 units should be reserved for tips in which the tipster can demonstrate a higher degree of confidence in its value. That said, there is no maximum/minimum number of times such a stake can be used.

10. The maximum combined stake allowed on any event is 10 units. There is an exception for Horse Racing, Motor Sports and Golf. Please see section 3. for further details.

11. The permitted units staked depends on the odds of a given tip. The table below explains which stakes are allowed across particular odds ranges:

Odds < 2.5

max. stake of 10 units

2.5 Odds < 3

max. stake of 8 units

3 ≤ Odds < 5

max. stake of 6 units

5 ≤ Odds < 10

max. stake of 3 units

10 ≤ Odds < 20

max. stake of 2 units

20 ≤ Odds < 50

max. stake of 1 unit

50 ≤ Odds < 100

max. stake of 0.5 units

100 ≤ Odds

max. stake of 0.25 units

The minimum stake for bets with odds of less than 50 is 1. For tips on very high odds, tipsters are restricted to 0.5 between 50 and 100 and 0.25 for odds higher than 100.

12. Once a tip is posted and its respective bookmaker is chosen, this cannot be modified.

13. In the event of disputes over tips, the tip description is final. Always make sure your tip description correctly explains your tip.

14. When the settlements of tips are disputed, the final decision is based on how the bookmaker in question has settled the bet recommended in the tip. i.e. if the bet is voided by the bookmaker then the tip at bettingexpert is also voided.

15. Tips must not be posted later than thirty minutes before the event is scheduled to start.

16. Tips on individual games are not allowed to be posted earlier than two weeks before the event begins. For outright winner tips, this deadline is extended to whenever the competition/tournament/event concludes.

Prize currency:


Total amount:


Prize Type:



10000 EUR

Start date:


End date:


Minimum quantity of forecasts:


Min coefficient for forecast:


Max coefficient for forecast:


Total prize quantity:


Sum of main prize:


Market for forecast:






Period repeat:



No everyday


1. Tipsters must have a positive profit at the end of the month to be eligible for any prizes.

2. When you earn a prize for the first time, we will require some of your personal details in order to send you your money. You will receive a request by email from a member of staff. Your personal details need to be sent NO LATER THAN 9th of the month at 23:59. The reason for this is that we are paying out prizes every month from 10th to the 12th of the month. If you don't send what is asked of you in time, you cannot be paid.